Living in a modern world, you are probably aware that the use of chemicals offers convenience and progress at home and work. Modern life would be impossible without chemicals. Plastics, cleaners, solvents, drugs, herbicides, insecticides, and miracle fibers are just a few of the things that use chemicals in their manufacture. But chemicals need to be treated with respect and must be used in a manner for which they were intended.

    Material Safety Data Sheets, as a part of the Hazard Communication Standard provide much information about chemical product and are intended to help keep your work place a safe environment for your employees.

Service Chemical & Supply Inc. works hard to protect you against the dangers of hazardous chemicals.

    While most of our product line is not hazardous if used as directed, it is important to know that Service Chemical & Supply Inc. is interested in your safety.

Where necessary, Service Chemical & Supply Inc. products are registered in accordance to U.S.D.A. and E.P.A. guidelines.

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