Oil Field Products and Electronics
Research and development with precision electronic cleaning and environmental concerns, is our concern.
Oil Field Products

Alco Metal Lube
Acrylic protective coating
Circuit board cleaner
Clean room cleaner
Coating wax (spray)
Coating wax (liquid)
CRT cleaner
Dykem layout fluid & remover
Ensolv GCSA Lo
Ensolv GCS
Ensolv (605  & 605Lo)
Electronic component cleaner
Electronic module cleaner
Hand cleaner (Field use)
High purity solvent (circuit boards, precision equip.)
Keyboard cleaner
Locktite thread lock
Magnaflux cleaner spot check
Magnaflux developer
Magnaflux penetrant
Magnaflux Magnaglo powder
Micro Lube
MWD Lab cleaners (fast & slow dry)
Moly spray thread protectant
Moly dry film
Oil tool paints QD Enamel
Oil tool paints Lacquer (water reducible)
Oil tool paints Metallic (solvent base)
Oil tool paints Metallic (water reducible)
Organic blend solvent degreasers (subs & collars)
Organic degreaser (collars, connections, pipe)
Organic electronic cleaner
Pulsar test fluid
Parts wash
Precision electronic cleaner
Pulser cleaner
Rust remover (collars, connections, subs)
Safety solvent (no CFC's)
Safety solvent (fast& slow dry)
Sylgard 184
Ultra sonic cleaner
Vapor degreaser
Wax base protective coating

Electronics (Aerosols)

Anti-static spray
Clean room cleaner
Compressed air duster
CRT screen cleaner
Electronic cleaner (no III TRI)
Electronic cleaner (no CFC's)
Keyboard cleaner
Organic safety solvent (fast & slow dry)
Precision cleaner
Safety solvent
Safety cleaner for pulsers & electronic modules

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