Institutional Liquids
Floor Care
Floor care products that give great results!

All purpose cleaner
Carpet shampoo (extracting)
Carpet shampoo (rotary)
Carpet spotter (solvent base)
Carpet spotter (water base)
Concrete acid etch
Concrete cleaner
Concrete sealer
Concrete seal remover
Dust mop treatment
Enzyme carpet deodorizer
Epoxy concrete paint
Floor finish (17%,25%,32%, Solid)
Floor finish (no buff)
Floor seal all purpose hard surface
Floor stripper (non-ammoniated)
Floor stripper (ammoniated)
Floor stripper high speed
Floor stripper no rinse
Gym floor finish
Poly-urethane finish
Spray buff restorer
Terrazzo sealer
Tire mark remover
Waterless floor cleaner
Wood floor cleaner (neutral)
Wood floor restorer (solvent base)
Wood floor restorer (water base)

Disinfectants / Deodorizers
Create a clean environment at your workplace.

Citrus deodorizer
Deodorizer (concentrate)
Disinfectant (concentrate)
Drain deodorizer
Enzyme deodorizer
Foaming deodorizer cleaner
Foaming disinfectant
Mildew remover
Non-scented deodorizer
Odor mask
Odor neutralizer
Shower disinfectant

Cleaning Products

Satisfying the needs of our customers is our goal at Service Chemical & Supply Inc.

All purpose cleaner
Brass cleaner
Cart wash
Degreaser (concentrate)
Degreaser (ready to use)
Dishwasher detergent (automatic & hand)
Foam reducer
Furniture cleaner & polish
Glass cleaner (ammoniated)
Glass cleaner (ready to use)
Graffiti remover
Laundry detergent (low suds)
Laundry rinse agent
Laundry bleach
Lime and scale remover
Low foam cleaner for scrubbers
Mildew remover
Neutral no rinse cleaner
Non-butyl cleaners
Oven cleaner
Phosphate-free cleaners
Plexiglass cleaners
Stainless Steel cleaner (water & solvent base)
Synthetic all purpose cleaner
Tire and porcelain cleaner
Toilet bowl cleaner (acid base)
Toilet bowl cleaner (non-acid base)


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