Industrial Liquids
Service Chemical & Supply Inc. will make your job easier and keep your transportation vehicles maintained.

Aircraft Cleaner
Aluminum Cleaner / Brightener (Acid Base)
Aluminum Cleaner / Brightener (Non-Etching)
ATF Dextron II
Brake Cleaner
Brake Fluid
Carburetor Cleaner
Carpet Spotter
Cold Water Wash
Degreaser (Heavy Duty)
Degreaser (Ready to Use)
Electronic Cleaner  (No CFC's)
Emulsifiable Engine Degreaser
Engine Degreaser  (Water Soluble)
Fuel Conditioner
Gear Oil Lube
Glass Cleaner  (Concentrate)
Glass Cleaner  (Ready to Use)
Gelled Degreaser
Heavy Duty Alkaline Cleaner
Leather / Vinyl Cleaner
Leather / Vinyl Conditioner
Moly Grease
Neutral Cleaner
Penetrating Oil
Protectant  (Rubber & Vinyl)
Radiator Cleaner
Solvent Parts Wash
Steam Cleaner Detergent
Tire and Rubber Lube
Trailer Brightener  (Acid Base & Non-Etching)
Vehicle Liquid Wax
Vinyl Top Cleaner
Wheel Cleaner
White Wall Cleaner

Cold and Steam Cleaning Products
Concentrated products save time and money

All Purpose Liquid  (Hot and Cold)
Cold / Hot Cleaners  (Non-Phosphate)
Concrete Cleaners
Degreasers (Heavy Duty Powder)
Degreasers (Heavy Duty Liquid)
Food equipment cleaners
Hot water cleaners (Butyl & Non-Butyl)
Industrial machine cleaners
Organic cleaners
Tar and asphalt removers
Vehicle washes (non-phosphate)
Vehicle washes (with wax)

Drain and Sewage Maintenance
Highly efficient and concentrated products make your job easier.

Disinfectant / Cleaner
Drain maintainer (Organic)
Drain opener (acid base)
Drain opener (Alkaline base)
Enzyme cleaner
Grease emulsifier
Lift station cleaner
Lift station deodorizer
Lime / scale remover
Liquid bacteria
Odor counteractant
Powder caustic drain opener

Air Handling
Service Chemical & Supply Inc. products complete a strong maintenance program.

A/C Tabs
Aluminum Cleaner  (Etching and Non-Etching)
Coil & Condenser cleaner  (Non Acid)
Coil Cleaner  (Acid Base)
Coil Cleaner  (High Foaming)
Coil & Duct Disinfectant
Cooling Tower Algecide
Cooling Tower Disinfectant
Cooling Tower PH Control
Cooling Tower Rust Preventative
Cooling Tower Treatment
Degreaser  (Concentrate)
Degreaser  (Ready to Use)
Evaporator Cleaner
Filter Cleaner
Filter Coating
Heavy Duty Alkaline Cleaner
Leak Detector
Motor Degreaser Non-Conductive
Scale Remover
Soot Remover



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