Fertilizers & Herbicides
Our products provide a well developed program of fertilization for a greener environment.

Growth fertilizer (16-4-8)
Iron concentrate
Nitrogen concentrate (32-0-0)
Soil binder
Soil conditioner
Soil penetrant
Top growth fertilizer 15-10-5

Our herbicides control unwanted and hard to kill vegetation to enhance your workplace.

Aquatic weed killer (for ponds)
Aquatic algaecide
Bare ground
Bare spot
Granular herbicide
Landscaping herbicide
Non-selective herbicide
Plant growth regulator
Post-emergent herbicide
Pre-emergent herbicide
Round-up harness
Round-up permit
Round-up pro
Selective weed killers
Soil sterilant (semi) non-selective herbicide
Soil sterilant (semi) ready to use non-selective
Spread sticker

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