Aerosols are "ready to use"!

Battery terminal cleaner
Belt dressing
Brake parts cleaner
Carburetor cleaner
Distribution and Ignition cleaner
Engine degreaser
Foaming degreaser
Foaming penetrating oil
Foaming radiator cleaner
Galvanize spray
Glass cleaner
Open gear lubricant
Penetrating gel
Penetrating oil
Protectorant for rubber and vinyl
Rust preventative
Spray grease
Teflon lubricant

Cleaning Products

Carpet spotter
Carpet stain remover
Ceiling tile whitener
Chalk board cleaner
Dust mop treatment
Enzymes in a can
Fabric protector
Foaming cleaner degreaser
Furniture cleaner polish with lemon oil
Furniture polish with caranuba wax
Graffiti remover
Gum remover
Oven cleaner
Plexiglass cleaner
Stainless steel cleaner (water & solvent base)
Wax and base board stripper

Disinfectants and Deodorizers

Disinfectant deodorizer virucidal against HIV 1
Germicidal cleaner
Hospital disinfectant
Metered deodorizers


Anti-static spray
Clean room cleaner
Compressed air duster
CRT screen cleaner
Electronic cleaner (no III TRI)
Electronic cleaner (no CFC's)
Keyboard cleaner
Organic safety solvent (fast & slow dry)
Precision cleaner
Safety solvent
Safety cleaner for pulsers & electronic modules


Fire ant killer
Flying insect killer
Personal repellent
Roach and Ant spray
Room fogger
Wasp and Hornet spray


 Anti-friction lubricant
Chain and cable lubricant
Grease in a can
Foaming lubricant
Food grade grease
Lithium complex blue grease
Moly lubricant (dry film)
Open gear lubricant
Sanitary lubricant (food equipment)
Silicone lubricant
Spray grease lubricant
Spray grease with Teflon
Teflon lubricant


Acrylic sealer

Acrylic coating
Adhesive spray
Bench cleaner
Chain and cable lubricant
Degreaser in a can
Dykem layout fluid
Dykem remover
Foaming coil cleaner
Foaming penetrating oil
Grease in a can
Mechanic lubricant
Moly lubricant
Open gear lubricant
Organic degreaser
Paint stripper
Penetrating oil non-flammable mil spec.
Rust preventative
Safety paint
Sanitary lubricant
Silicone lubricant
Stainless steel spray
Teflon lubricant
Wax base coating
White food grade grease
Zinc coating


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