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Mission Statement

Service Chemica1 &  Supply Inc. provides industrial and institutional chemicals and supplies for your job and environment. We recognize the value of maintaining high standards in providing quality chemicals and equipment to you, your company and your employees.

Service Chemical & Supply Inc. has broken new ground with our SERVICE CHEM EXCELLENCE commitment and philosophy.
As Service Chemical employees, it is our duty and obligation to maintain the core values of honesty, respect, and responsibility to ensure the reliability of our products and service to our customers. At Service Chemical, we use advanced quality control initiatives to monitor our product quality for optimal product performance. Our SERVICE CHEM EXCELLENCE is how we preserve confidence and the integrity in our products.

About us

Service Chemical & Supply, Inc. began operations in 1986. The name SERVICE is the major specialty we provide to our customers. We take special pride in providing fast access to our extensive line of products. Understanding our customers and providing them with proven, reliable products in a timely manner with all the quality they expect, makes us feel valued and appreciated

Our line of products, from Industrial Liquids and Aerosols to Oilfield Products, Maintenance Liquids and Aerosols, and even Herbicides and Insecticides are always under scrutiny for ways to further improve our line. Even though we have come a long ways since 1986, we will never stop improving our products and ourselves.

In 1992, we began our SERVICE CHEM EXCELLENCE program. This program is designed to identify products we believe will win the marketplace. Our continual improvement program will help us achieve far into the future.

Since the beginning, We have strived to run our business with a watchful eye on the bottom line. There are hundreds of actions we take to impact the bottom line. Some may be small but they all add up. This attention to the bottom line is by far the leading reason our products are and will remain economical for our customers.

We believe in tbe power of one team working toward the same goal. In the words of baseball legend, Casey Stengel, who won 10 pennants and 7 World Series Championships in  12 years as manager of the New York Yankees, "It's easy to get good players.. . getting 'em to play together. that's the hard part". At Service Chemical, we strive to make your company goals our goals.

Operating excellence is getting things right the first time. Doing it over is never as good as doing it right from the beginning. This is why we constantly communicate with each other and with our customers. Sharing information is a foundation to maintaining product advances, but most importantly, to build our best assets


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